Falling into Fall.

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  That time of year is upon us and as many would agree it has arrived quickly. This is such a beautiful season. No one can deny the absolute gorgeous colors that come with the dying leaves and vegetation. The cooler weather is a welcome relief to those living in AZ and areas that are […]

Water in The South West

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One of the biggest concerns in the Phoenix Arizona area, also known as the Valley of the Sun, is water. If it wasn’t for water there would be no ability to live in the hot desert. People are dependent upon water and access to it. That is especially noticeable in the middle of a hot […]


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  I understand that The White House, the very center of American Politics, was built on an old swamp. It’s been said that they couldn’t figure out what else what to do with a piece of property that was not worth anything. So to give it value and not waste a piece of property they […]


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It is one thing to like to have things neat and clean but it is a whole different ballgame to be a perfectionist. I have always liked a clean house and a clean working environment. Often I’ve stressed over the fact that it wasn’t quite as clean as I wished it was. But, I didn’t […]

What is so addictive about popcorn?!

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Why can’t a person stop with just one small bowlful or one bowl once in awhile. Maybe it’s the taste but maybe it’s more than that. Is popcorn loaded with some kind of toxin that makes a body crave it beyond a normal food? So I guess you might figure out that this making and […]

Oil fiasco

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D.I.Y er’s Be warned. We have come to a point these days where you are responsible for everything. Make sure you know the manufactures recommendations before you accidentally void your auto warranty. Trust me these auto manufacturers have to do what it takes to void that warranty. Not every single person can be trusted with […]

Listen to your gut…

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  I have always felt that I have a pretty good sense of people.  In other words… I can usually tell if someone is honest or not.  There is just a gut feeling I get when I first meet people.  However, I’m not always correct or if I am suspicious I don’t always know what […]

The Ol’ Rag Trick.

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I decided to expose a few tricks of the trade so-to-speak. When it comes to getting your oil changed you can at times be uncertain about whether or not it is being done right. I thought thought the best way would be to expose a few of the ol’ tricks so you would and will […]