Falling into Fall.

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That time of year is upon us and as many would agree it has arrived quickly. This is such a beautiful season. No one can deny the absolute gorgeous colors that come with the dying leaves and vegetation. The cooler weather is a welcome relief to those living in AZ and areas that are hot and dry and dusty all summer long. There was a nice little breeze as I took my walk this morning. It even feels like I’m breathing cleaner air…which I am sure that I am.

It has been so interesting to see that in Phoenix and its surrounding area that new grass has to be planted every Fall season. There is the winter grass and the summer grass. This new seeding has to happen every year if you want to have a nice green lawn. So, the water was shut off for a week or so in the middle of October. I watched as the grass became browner and drier looking every day and wondered….how is this going to work. When the summer grass became dead enough then along came the lawn specialist with new seed. They aria ted the lawn and then spread the new winter seed throughout the yard. Next the water came back on to irrigate the new seed. After a week I was happily surprised to see the new grass sprouting up. It was so nice and green. After two weeks it is full and looking like a lawn should look. It took one more pass of reseeding to fill in the areas where the birds had enjoyed an amazing fall feast. Those birds know how to find easy food. So now this new grass will last all winter and when next summer comes around the summer seed from last year will reproduce on its own without having to reseed. It’s quite interesting to see all this happen . There is a lot of work that goes into making a yard beautiful, and having green grass is a vital part of that equation. I’ve noticed that most of the neighborhood has concrete and rock as the landscaping of choice, but it is so nice to be able to walk barefoot in a nice green lawn and it is so much cleaner. Much can be said for the fact that it helps tremendously in keeping the dust down. It’s also great for the kids. So after all the expense of water and seed, it is well worth it in my opinion. But of course you need to be around to take care of it also. I think that a lot of the houses in my neighborhood are vacation homes. So if that is the case it would make more sense to have an easy yard with no upkeep.

So as we head into winter and see new life in the lawn it is a real contrast. The new and the old. The beginning and the end. A change of pace for nature and for we humans as well.

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