Water in The South West

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Arizona Desert by: George’s Tire Shop in Glendale, AZ

One of the biggest concerns in the Phoenix Arizona area, also known as the Valley of the Sun, is water. If it wasn’t for water there would be no ability to live in the hot desert. People are dependent upon water and access to it. That is especially noticeable in the middle of a hot desert. No life can survive for long without water and no city can continue to grow and even become one of the top destinations without a good water source.

Luckily for the Valley of the Sun, there are amazing canals that run throughout the valley. Water is diverted from the Colorado river over 200 miles away and is used to irrigate the otherwise dry and barren lands. The lands that now produce some of the best citrus crops in the world. Grapefruit and Oranges and Lemons and Tangelo are some of the sweet and juicy fruit that is grown in abundance in the valley. In addition to the water from the Colorado river, there are vast reserves of runoff from rain and snow stored behind the great Roosevelt Dam.

You might wonder where your drinking water comes from if you live in Phoenix. That is a very important topic and most people don’t know that answer. There are about 3 sources of drinking water in the area. The first is Groundwater. Groundwater is can either be a private well or one that is operated by the city or some other company. So some areas are lucky enough to dig down into the earth and find an underground source of water. The next source is either the Salt or Verde River. Now I’m sure there must be a really good filtration system on this source before it is piped into your kitchen. Although I feel the need of re-filtering my water as I’m not sure of the process. And, of course, the Colorado river is the other water source. Because of the drought of these past few years there have been a lot of worry about having enough water to go around.

We continue to hope for rain and lots of snow in the Mountains to keep us supplied with water. We often take water for granted. But, it is a basic essential need and should not be taken for granted. It is wonderful that there are people that are focusing on how to supply our great community with water. We also begin to really appreciate the modern ways of filtering out the impurities in our water supplies as well as having enough water. There are so many things that we can be thankful for but the basic need of water has got to be one of the top things on our lists of things to appreciate every day. When we live in the desert and don’t have more than 9 inches or rain in a year than we must stop and say Thank you for all the amazing work put into providing us with the necessary water we need for our existence.

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