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I understand that The White House, the very center of American Politics, was built on an old swamp. It’s been said that they couldn’t figure out what else what to do with a piece of property that was not worth anything. So to give it value and not waste a piece of property they designed and built what we know today as The White House. That is what became of the old swamp. And little did our founders know that a few centuries later the old swamp would become a proverbial swamp for a lot of dishonest and criminally minded politicians. It has become more and more obvious that the American people are not being represented honestly at the center of our government. No, not our thoughts our ideas our hopes or ambitions. We send people to the swamp to represent our communities only to have them default on their end of the bargain. And this has been going on for far too long.

So, that is why this idea of draining the swamp of Washington D.C. Became a phrase that resonated with so many ordinary citizens. Because, if we believe that our voices can be heard again we know that first the corrupt politicians have to be dealt with and so the swamp has got to be drained. And after it has been drained it needs to be cleaned up so that we can send in people that are honest and good and that have our backs. It’s been so long since we the American people have had hope that government, the way it was meant to be, will become what it should be again. By the people and for the people. Is that too hard to understand? Have we degenerated to the point that we don’t have what it takes to understand the basic concepts that our forefathers set up for us? There has been so much misinformation coming at us for such a long time that it is a full time job to decipher if something is genuine or if its just another thought from some platform that has no legs to stand on. We will need an honest and wise historian to write our history books again the way history happened. It is written now in such a way that our children think they are reading and understanding the facts of history but in fact they are very misled.

No matter how the draining of the swamp takes place, I firmly believe that it is going to be one of the most important things that need to take place in this new administration so that the will of the people can begin to focused on again. And we can hope that there are no parasites left behind to begin the building of a new swamp, but that there is fresh water (so to speak) added and continual circulation. No more stagnation and no more slime. We will be nervously watching to see what happens in the new year, but we also are confident that things will get done…just like we hope.

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