What is so addictive about popcorn?!

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Addiction Why can’t a person stop with just one small bowlful or one bowl once in awhile. Maybe it’s the taste but maybe it’s more than that. Is popcorn loaded with some kind of toxin that makes a body crave it beyond a normal food? So I guess you might figure out that this making and eating popcorn has become an almost daily vigil in this household. For reals. It’s not me that is making it or even want it until I smell it and then I am hopeless to resist it. I’m not even positive I really like it but there you have it. I can’t keep myself from eating it when it is so clearly having an effect on my senses. Nor when it is in such close proximity to my hands and mouth. I would gladly give it back after I’ve eaten it, but alas,it is much too late. I’ve just loaded up on something that I couldn’t resist but that has very little nutritional value. What a shame because now I’ve spent calories that could have been used to actually help out the function of my body instead of create a bloated mess and not even fill me up so that I am satisfied. So for the one that actually makes this non-food item and craves it I have to wonder what is lacking that you actually crave popcorn? Maybe it is the butter and salt that are being craved more than the popcorn itself. I don’t know but back to my main point of popcorn being addictive how can a person quit eating it when it is right there in front of your nose? Short of demanding that it never be popped in this kitchen again, it would be nice to have fair warning of when this might take place in the day so that I can at least head off to do something else and away from that tantalizing smell. That is just a small appeal and it seems like it would be a fairly simple request. Just wait until I’m not around because I can’t resist this thing that I don’t even like and when I eat it I feel junk the rest of the day. So just a little common goodness is all I’m asking. Give me a break.. be kind to my weakness and I’ll do the same for you when you ask for it. Seems pretty pathetic doesn’t it? Perhaps psychologically weak as well. But whatever it takes to help oneself out of a popcorn problem is all I’m really trying to do. There are so many bigger things to worry about so just help me out with this little thing. So addictive food patterns come from many different sources, but the nose is perhaps the most obvious place to look for a cause. Smells of food can create many different reactions and reminders and memories. It’s just a fact of life and we all learn to live with our human weaknesses. Just don’t embrace them all.

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