Oil fiasco

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D.I.Y er’s Be warned. We have come to a point these days where you are responsible for everything. Make sure you know the manufactures recommendations before you accidentally void your auto warranty. Trust me these auto manufacturers have to do what it takes to void that warranty. Not every single person can be trusted with an oil change. Let me give you an example.

Plumber Bob has a business, and has ran it well for 13 years. When it came time to do a repair on a house or commercial building you could trust that Bob knew exactly what he is doing. Sure enough he being a certified plumber he had proven his skills and you can put your money on him. Now Bob he’s handy and probably knows how to change oil… in fact it might even offend him if you thought he didn’t know how.  Yet because he’s not certified in oil changes, and not a manufacture recommended oil change facility the auto manufacture cannot warranty the engine he has, or could have compromised.

It’s something to remember when buying a new car there will be added expense with the added hoops you have to jump through to keep your warranty. I always have recommended waiting till your expiration date to do your own.


Be sure to look into the best most affordable ways to change your oil. and what kind of oil to use when changing you oil in your automobile. Remember synthetic isn’t always the best for new cars.

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