If you don’t change your oil you’ll end up changing your car!

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Do you know anybody that doesn’t change the oil? There’s always that one guy that hasn’t changed the oil in years. Why is it that all these people seem to be surprised when their car dies?

Don’t be one of these people. Oil is like the lifeblood of a car it’s what keeps the engine running and you roll’en down the road. It might seem like it would be easier to just leave it. Just let her ride. Well let me ask you this does it seem easy to walk 410 miles in the Arizona sun because he decided not to change your oil?

It can happen to anyone we can forget to change your oil and without realizing it we’re putting a lot of unneeded stress on the moving parts of the engine. With this site we want to show you the importance of changing oil, and tell you a few stories of things that have happened to us personally. Make sure you stick around and learn a few tips and tricks of how to change your own oil, or even what to look for when someone else is changing your oil. You don’t want to be left  feeling like you’ve been taken. There are a lot of terrible quick oil change type places out there that take advantage of  people. Here we  just want to be able to trust them. Which in all honesty we should be able to just drop our cars off and have our way with changed, but unfortunately we can’t. So I’d like to teach you a few tips and tricks to look for when getting your oil changed.

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